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“So often the technology we use ends up owning us. Our experience with it becomes distracting, frustrating and sometimes downright impossible. NDEVIO provides a solution. Different experiences designed for different needs. Systems curated specifically for the user so the technology enhances the experience instead of distracting from it.”

An equipment as a service monthly payment model like NDEVIO focuses on use versus ownership, providing customers with the ability to remain at the forefront of technology and protecting your organization from a bottleneck in growth, keeping you competitive in the market.

We also allow you to preserve cash, protect business credit lines, budget cash flow and have flexible end of term options. No other payment option can provide these benefits for you.

Within that model, we provide technology as a seamless, integral part of the office experience. Technology should not be distracting or complicated, but all too often technology solutions are overly complex and frustrating.

Our goal is to provide technology solutions that are so natural, your users don’t even notice it’s there. You see it, and interact with it, but if it’s implemented properly, you don’t notice it. From virtualizing reception in the lobby, to streamlining meetings in conference spaces, our simple and reliable solutions will improve productivity and transform the office experience.

Unique Value

Pre-Designed, pre-tested Systems
Standard Designs for Scaling
Quick Delivery & Installation
Simple to Use & Reliable


Lobby / Entryway
Meeting Space
Training Room
Board Room

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